Country: Germany

Alan Blim Sturge was born in Kitale, Kenya in 1965 and raised in Bristol, UK from the age of 3. In 1988 he began performing a duo street show and medieval markets in many European countries. In 1991 Alan gave his first juggling workshop at the L’ecole Sna Filet in Bruxelles.  His teaching continued sporadically until Alan started his own evening classes in Berlin in 1996. Building on this experience he became the juggling teacher at “Die Etage”, circus school in Berlin from 2000 – 2002.  Based on the increasing demand for his teaching Alan opened the “Jonglier Katakomben” in May 2002, a school and training space. Jonglier Katakomben quickly became well known world wide. Over its 8 years people from over 27 countries visited the school and training space. In 2010 Alan opened the Juggling Center Berlin that focuses on retailer and wholesaler activities for juggling equipment and the children’s circus “Katakids”. Over the past 4 years the Juggling Center has gained a wide reputation and has visitors from all around the world. In 2012 Alan travelled to Nairobi for 3 weeks to teach at the Kivuli orphanage as well as in many cities in Brasil. His goal as an educator is to spread juggling in countries where unprivileged kids can take juggling lessons and make a difference in their lives.