John Satriano began programming computers at the age of 8, when he was allowed access to a mainframe computer in the early 1970’s. By the time he graduated High School he was a successful business owner, developing software on a freelance basis for businesses of all sizes. His early positioning in an exploding field kept his services in high demand until a severe back injury forced him into unexpected retirement in 2001.

Since his recovery John has volunteered his time and skills to many non-profit organizations. He’s a firm supporter of animal rescues and, together with his wife Julia, enjoys fostering rescued kittens on their way to adoption. He has served in multiple positions in the International Jugglers’ Association, ultimately directing the annual international convention and serving on the Board of Directors.

“When Viktor Kee asked me to work with him on the Foundation I knew my life was starting a new chapter”. John is very happy for the opportunity to bring his wide range of accumulated skills to the aid of people in need and for the challenges and adventures that come with it.